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I have built Exotic Publishing to be a cutting edge enterprise that provides must-have information and resources for the escort industry. My specialization in the escort industry makes me unique because good information for the escort business is sadly lacking.

Through comprehensive e-books, an informative and dynamic FREE E-zine, and one-on-one business consultations, I've made it so Exotic Publishing only distributes the most straightforward, honest, detailed and valuable information.

I am always updating my materials to keep pace with the ever-changing escort industry. My e-books are downloadable and available in both electronic and print formats.

I have found that successful escort agencies all over the world keep my manual, How to Open Your Own Escort Agency, in their agency offices dog-eared from constant use and reference.

I also offer the vital How to Become an Escort for girls who are thinking of getting into the escort business by becoming an escort.

My services also include One-on-One Business Consultations directly with me, Michelle. I am considered a seasoned escort coach and escort industry expert for business advice that is tailored to your individual concerns and business circumstances.

Whether you just want to talk to me as a trusted friend about what the business is really like, or you need specific advice about how to overcome a business hurdle, I am here for you. I've been through it, and have the knowledge and solutions you need.

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Now a bit about my Background...


Michelle is a former escort agency owner who experienced unprecedented success in the business and now wants to help others create profitable, professional and respectable escort agencies of their own.

Michelle emerged on the scene an ambitious young woman eager to apply her energy and business sense to build a great career and an abundant and enjoyable future for herself. Fun loving and full of excitement, she dreamed of opening a fashionable restaurant or a nightclub, but her early investigations demonstrated to her that these business propositions were too risky and had too many downsides. Tired of working at jobs that didn't offer her the income or growth potential that she desired, Michelle discovered the escort industry. Always open minded and adventurous, she set about gathering information. What she discovered was that existing escort agencies were run more like circuses than real businesses. Personality conflicts, shady and loose business habits, terrible customer service and constant plotting seemed the order of the day for the escort agency business. Michelle thought this was a terrible waste. In the escort business, you have a valuable service to offer and a constant demand for that service that will never diminish! That should be a recipe for success! However, sloppy business practices and an utter lack of professionalism were squandering this potential. So instead of successful businesses, Michelle saw escort agencies that were sleazy, unsafe, unethical and ultimately, destined to be failures.

Michelle decided that she could set up an escort agency that was much like other businesses: organized, professional, fair, profitable, stable and beneficial to the owner, the employees and the customers. It wasn't easy, but Michelle hunted and scratched, invented and designed, and created a fresh new business model all by herself. There was a lot of trial and error, frustration and expense involved in opening that agency. But it worked! The agency became successful and Michelle sold it at a profit. When she decided to do it again, her new agency rose quickly to become one of the most professional, premiere agencies in the region. Michelle proved that an escort agency can be like any other business - a stable, excellent way to make money for the long haul. Michelle established herself as a fair employer who placed customer service at a high priority.

When Michelle decided to sell her agency and move onto new challenges, she never lost her interest in the escort industry. As she monitored developments in the escort business over time, she was dismayed to find that instead of things getting better, in general, they were just getting worse. The Internet was becoming a source of sleazy and dangerous misinformation for the industry. Escorts and prospective escort agency owners alike would be hard pressed to see their way past the crowd of snake oil salesmen out there. As a result, girls were being misled, agencies were getting even sleazier and less reliable, and customers were not getting the services they desire. The escort industry was not living up to its potential.

Again, where there is a problem, Michelle saw an opportunity. She became passionate about providing honest, straightforward, realistic and detailed information to help clean up the escort industry and steer people toward a positive and profitable experience in the escort business.

And so, Exotic Publishing was born. Now an author of leading-edge escort industry manuals and a seasoned business consultant and escort coach, Michelle continues her mission to provide top-of-the-line escort training and the best advice and support for escort agency owners in order to help the escort industry live up to its potential and be a source of career contentment and wealth for you!

Straight Talk on the Escort Industry

Is this Legal?

It depends upon where you are and what you are doing. It is very possible to own an escort business completely legally. Agencies and escorts define their own limits. I will not lie to you. At many agencies, the expectation is clear that escorts are to be very open-minded with their clients. Other agencies "claim" to fire any girl who steps over the line and insist that their escorts are paid only for their beauty and company. In some regions of the world, payment for sex is illegal; in other areas it is totally legal. My advice will help you set up a premiere, professional escort agency. The way you want to draw your limits is up to you. What frustrates me is when supposed "experts" offering information to women and potential agency owners aren't straightforward about the diversity of practices in the industry. They might say, "You can make a $1,000 an hour for just going out to fancy restaurants and exclusive clubs." Another source will tell you that it is all in what you say, not in what you are willing to do. Please. You need real information, not salesmanship. My belief is that the escort industry can be made to be a lot more professional, safe and ethical than it currently is. That's my goal.

Aren't all escorts drug addicted, abused, sleazy girls who can't do anything else for a living?

Absolutely not. You will find some of the most beautiful and intelligent girls working as escorts. Many come from very good, normal backgrounds. Many savvy young women realize their seductive power is worth something. Instead of throwing it away, they build a future with it. You will find many escorts who are working their way through college or saving up for their own businesses.

However, I am not going to tell you that there aren't troubled escorts out there. There are plenty of them. The industry can be exploitative or it can be empowering, depending upon the way it's done. Social problems have nothing to do with the escort business in general. Instead, they have to do with the sleazy business practice of taking advantage of vulnerable girls and trying to control or exploit them for maximum profit. A good escort agency is not controlling or exploitative, but rather is based upon mutual benefit for all parties. Establishing good escort agencies will do much toward making escorting an empowering career option. In addition, many independent escorts are finding that they can seize control of their own destiny and their own career and really make escorting work for them. Really good escort training can make a big difference.

But isn't escorting inherently demeaning and exploitative to women?

Just the opposite. What is really demeaning and exploitative is when women are expected to provide fulfillment to men without getting anything in return. So many women are pleasing men only to be discarded and mistreated, when they should be rewarded for the deeply rewarding services they offer. Women every day are taken advantage of in an economy that does not pay them what they're worth. They work hard for low wages, get laid off on a whim, get passed over for promotions and pay raises, and are totally at the mercy of the economy and their employer. Escorting can be a way to make top dollar and to build something for the future. Escort business opportunities bring independence and solvency to many women who would otherwise be dependent. Many sex workers are also highly politically active and passionate about female empowerment.

Isn't the escort business generally bad for society?

Again, absolutely not! Escorts provide valuable services for society. They provide comfort and pleasure for people who are lonely and in need of human warmth. Escorts regularly provide services for widowers and men who cannot find a partner. Escorts can also help to educate and enliven people in the arts of love. Escorts provide an expert and comforting first experience for many shy young customers. The list goes on and on. You will find many escorts who liken their career to that of a social worker.

Of course, there are social problems that are intertwined with the escort business. There is drug addiction, violence, exploitation, theft, fraud - you name it. This, however, is due to the unregulated, unprofessional and criminal manner in which bad escort agencies are run. Good escort agencies can be as professional and constructive as your local mainstream businesses.

The truth is that all of the "bad apples" out there create an enormous opportunity to those individuals who are determined to do it right. If you are one of those ambitious people with your head on straight, then the first step is to arm yourself with information. Learn everything you need to know by reading

How to Open Your Own Escort Agency


How to Become an Escort

And Don't Forget

One-on-One Business Consultations with Michelle

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