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My complete course on how to start and profitably manage an escort service!

First let me say it… this is THE most complete package on starting and running an escort service in the world. There is none that offers more detail, more insight, more of the nitty-gritty of what an escort agency is all about.




Here are just of the great things you get out of this course!…

"Before downloading your e book I downloaded the escort coach book for $50 and when I saw yours for $350 and looked at the samples it really looked like a rip off because of the drastic price difference. The thing that I liked about your book was it took all the guess work and trial and error out of the administrative set up and simplified it. The escort coach book talked about the business and there was a few good points but it did not lay out the entire foundation for setting the business up and your e book did."

Roselle, NJ

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I know you are aware that the adult entertainment field is exciting and profitable. You probably know someone who seems to be making money hand over fist as a result of society’s insatiable desire for the exotic, and you are wondering, “How can I get in on that?” Well, I can show you how in this course.

You’ve already seen a sampling of what’s in each volume. You know the huge amount of information packed into this course.

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When I started out, I knew I was a smart, business-minded young woman with loads of potential. I just couldn’t find a job that matched my energy and expectations. That’s when I discovered the untapped potential of the escort industry business. I started doing some serious research. What I noticed was that while there was a great demand for the services of escorts, existing escort agencies were horribly run! They were sloppy, wasteful, disorganized, lacked any long-term vision of success and frankly they didn’t treat their escorts or their loyal customers very well. I saw this reality as a golden opportunity. I knew that with my business sense, I could set up a well-run organization that would raise the bar for escort services and take advantage of the demand and growth potential of the escort service industry!

Still, it was enormously difficult. I had to scratch and dig for every piece of information and I had to invent all of my procedures and the business design from the ground up. Luckily, I did have a trusted friend who gave me some advice, or else I would have been sunk. Most of the work, however, I had to do on my own, and it wasn’t easy. However, not only did I set up a very successful escort agency, I did it twice! I sold my first escort business at a good profit. The second time around, I was an expert, and I designed and operated one of the most professional and successful agencies in the region. When I was ready to retire, I had a healthy savings account and plenty of time to enjoy it.

While I was enjoying the fruits of my labor, I kept an eye on the escort agency industry. I saw the so-called “advice” that people were giving out to newcomers in the business and frankly, it made me angry. So much misinformation and hype! Some of it was downright dangerous. My experience had taught me that in order to really do well with an escort service, people need good information that is based on real business experience. I found myself seized with a burning desire to give other people the benefit of my wisdom and expertise in the industry – to give people real information that would really help them. So, I got out my business materials, and I began putting together all of my escort secrets and tips –the best information available to help those interested in setting up an escort company to make their way past the hype toward real, long lasting success.

Now having painstakingly compiled every last piece of insider-knowledge, I’m proud to offer you the ultimate manual for your success:

An absolute Must Have for anyone who is interested in starting up an escort business. Even if you already are running one, it doesn't hurt to have all the proper forms and things. Who knows you might learn something new. Michelle has done a fantastic job putting this together . This Ebook helped me tremendously on running an Escort Service the right way. Highly recommended! Thank you so much!

--Michelle B, WA

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How to Open an Escort Agency gives you all the information and documents you need to get your agency up and running.

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