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Hi Everyone,

As you can tell, I'm not here to hide who I am.

I don't need to because I stand by my customer service and want to make it easy for you to contact me if you wish. I know you will feel comfortable and confident in knowing that Exotic Publishing is a real company with real people behind my products.

You can call me at 1-800-342-3574 where you can leave me a message if I don't answer.

Please keep in mind that I am always very busy working long hours to serve you.

Anti Spam Measures

Unblocking my e-mail addresses is a quick step needed for people protecting themselves from spammers and people who harass people online.

Please contact your IT department or ISP and instruct them to "white list," approve, or otherwise let through the e-mails from * (this means every e-mail with will go through to your inbox.)

NOTE TO AOL USERS: Please add "Michelle[@]" and "orders[@]" to your address book or to your "people I know" list, so you will be sure to receive every issue.

To users of Hotmail, Yahoo or MSN, please add *@exoticpublishing to your safelist.

If you control your own whitelist, you can add * to your whitelist so spam filters won't filter out any e-mail coming to you.

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last modified: 31 Mar 17

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