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» What kind of publications do you sell?
» What are the price ranges for your publications?
» How long does it take for me to receive what I purchased?
» How can I pay for the material on Exotic Publishing?
» Can I return the material after I have purchased it?

What kind of publications do you sell?

Exotic Publishing is continually coming up with new information for people in the Escort Industry. We specialize in helping people to learn how to successfully own an escort business. Through our publications, we provide valuable escort agency secrets and escort tips. We have a comprehensive business manual on starting and operating an escort agency (How to Open Your Own Escort Agency) and a critically important guide for women who are thinking about becoming escorts (How to Become an Escort). Our escort training advice is honest, safety-conscious and confidential. We also feature a constant stream of information through our E-zine. Bookmark us to keep your eye out for new titles through Exotic Publishing!

What are the price ranges for your publications?

Prices will generally range from $40 all the way up to $500 and are priced in US dollars. We accept most international orders worldwide, as everyone should have the opportunity to benefit from Exotic Publishing’s priceless information. Our escort agency secrets and escort training tips are privileged information that you will not find in any bookstore.

How long does it take to receive what I’ve purchased?

For the e-books, it usually takes no more than 24-48 hours to verify your order.

After you have filled out a short survey that helps Exotic Publishing improve business, I verify all orders by calling each customer for a quick 1 minute "Hi how are you" :)

I like to get to know my special customers.

After you receive your instructions by e-mail, you can download the e-book through a quick and secure process, and immediately open the book and start reading to your heart's content. You can also print off your own copy for easy reference.

Hard Copy Printed Publications: Please allow 21 days for shipping. (Currently not available)

How can I pay for the material from Exotic Publishing?

The best way for people to pay for merchandise is through our very Secure Confidential Shopping Cart that allows you to pay with your credit card.

Studies show that every day more and more people purchase items online with their credit cards. In fact, in the Christmas season of 2005, online sales surpassed retail sales! That demonstrates how buying things online from a site you can trust is no different than buying from a retail store or over the phone.

After a lot of research, Exotic Publishing settled on Verisign and it's extra security measures for all credit card transactions. It's fast, secure, prevents credit card fraud and honors your privacy.

If you are outside the US and are having problems paying with your credit card, please contact me directly.

In the future, we will allow payment by check. Right now you can pay by certain types of money orders, by direct deposit into our major bank or Bank Certified Check.

I can also accept Western Union where there will be an additional 20% service charge.

Please e-mail me with how you wish to pay and we can discuss further instructions.

Can I return the material after I’ve purchased it?

Unfortunately no, we have a no return policy on our business kits Exotic Publishing operates much like any other bookstore, and the book industry is not in the business of letting customers read its material for free. More than just selling books, I am selling you privileged information. For that reason, materials cannot be returned for a refund.

Please note: Exotic Publishing only supports our products and not the application(s) with which they are being used. e.g. we do not support Microsoft, Adobe or any other products. Please see their respective help areas for application support. If there is a known conflict between our product and a commonly used application, we will notify you of this PRIOR to the download and will offer you additional options or support to remedy this situation. Please note that should such conflicts occur, Exotic Publishing will do everything possible to ensure software compatibility as quickly as possible.

Should you dispute this refund policy with a valid claim (at the discretion of the Management) all refunds issued by Exotic Publishing for the purchase of e-books will be charged a per order processing fee of 15% of the total purchase. We reserve the right to deny refund requests from any customers based on the details above and also if the request is deemed to be abusing the refund policy.

If you are concerned about the quality of the material, feel free to read over my testimonials page or e-mail me with your concerns.

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last modified: 09 Jun 11

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