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You know that interest in the escort industry has never been higher. As Exotic Publishing grows, this site receives more and more hits every day. We are quickly gaining a reputation as the most reliable source of information and support for the escort industry available. Take advantage of our reputation and success by advertising on

Our site pulls in many different demographics:

  1. Females (ages 18-35)
  2. Males (ages 18-55)
  3. Business People
  4. Escort Agencies
  5. Escorts
  6. Marketers

and more

Get your message across to these demographics by placing your business banner or text link on We can help you build your business as we build ours.

You’ll find our rates surprisingly affordable. E-mail us for our Rate Card Information to put your text link or banner on our site or in our Famous Ezine.

Please include the type of business you wish to advertise, your banner or text link, and specify for how long you wish to advertise with Exotic Publishing.

To your success,

Exotic Publishing

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last modified: 01 May 08

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