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Samples of "How to Start An Escort Agency" Manual

Below are various snapshots of just a few of pages included in the over 100 files or 400 pages you will receive in this complete manual on how to open your own escort agency.

Due to copywrite issues, we are unable to provide a more indepth look at the secret information that is included in this complete manual.

If this concerns you, please do not hesitate to contact the writer or find out more about her.

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Index for the Introductory Manual on how to start your own escort agency
22.82 KB
Merchant Account Information for Escort Agencies
30.12 KB
Your rules for your escorts
23.10 KB
\'Instructions on how to run your escort\'s
Index for the operations manual which trains your phone people for your escort agency
25.94 KB
Details on what your day time phone person does for your escort agency
29.45 KB
Rules for escort agency drivers
30.60 KB
Index of the "Rules for your escort agency drivers" section
1.13 KB
Learn how to walk escorts through credit card calls
27.49 KB
The sales form for selling escorts a portable credit card machine
26.75 KB

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