Step-by-Step Guide


I hope I have convinced you that straight-talking, detailed, insider business information will really help you to make it in the escort business. However, what really speaks volumes are the real people out there who have purchased How to Open Your Own Escort Agency and are seeing for themselves the incredible value:

(Testimonials are edited to fix typos and for discretionary purposes, as some people only wanted their initials displayed)

This is my second order and the service has been fantastic. You are extremely customer oriented. It's so nice to be treated the way you have treated me. I really appreciate it. Thanks for the extraordinary job and fantastic merchandise. I'm totally impressed.

— Imani

An absolute Must Have for anyone who is interested in starting up an escort business. Even if you already are running one, it doesn't hurt to have all the proper forms and things. Who knows you might learn something new. Michelle has done a fantastic job putting this together. This Ebook helped me tremendously on running an Escort Service the right way. Highly recommended! Thank you so much!

— Michelle B, WA

Her and I are both very excited about this and your manual has helped a lot. We both appreciate you and your manual very much. Without it, we would be bogged down designing forms and would have to get a lawyer probably to sort out all the legal crap. Thank you very much for everything. You have helped a 19 year old start her own business and fulfill a dream.

My sincerest thanks,

— Rick

…nine months later Rick wrote to us again

We purchased your complete manual last Fall and it really helped getting things going and we reference it often.

— Rick

I really appreciate it. My husband and I thought the last section was great and the information was extremely helpful and thorough.

— Varietee Entertainment Los Angeles, CA

…we heard from these agency owners again after they had purchased the final volume

My husband and I are very pleased with the entire manual.

— Varietee Entertainment Los Angeles, CA

I am reading the operations manual and I am very pleased.

— Patricia, Illinois

Thanks to I was able to find a bank to take my credit card business, after days of internet searches and numerous phone calls, exoticpublishing .com was able to find me a partner at a very reasonable rate. I give 5 stars for customer service.

— Elite and Foxy Kittens Escorts, Roanoke, VA


— C.S., New York, NY

The volume set that I bought was well worth the money. I was skeptical, but decided I would give it a shot, and wound up being pleased.

Thanks again,

— Matthew

Before downloading your e book I downloaded the escort coach book for $50 and when I saw yours for $350 and looked at the samples it really looked like a rip off because of the drastic price difference. The thing that I liked about your book was it took all the guess work and trial and error out of the administrative set up and simplified it. The escort coach book talked about the business and there was a few good points but it did not lay out the entire foundation for setting the business up and your e book did.

— Matthew, Roselle, NJ

I think it is an excellent guide and it opened my eyes to probably 100 things I might not have thought of and increased my learning curve 10 fold, if not more. That was my intention, so I feel as though it was money well spent.

— R. R., Miami, FL

I've read some of the materials now, and not only are they comprehensive, they're almost overwhelming. While I am starting out small, having this depth of material will be quite helpful as the business grows. I have already started to compile some questions for the upcoming consultation, but I will follow your advice and wait until I have read and absorbed the entirety of the manual.

— Dan P., Houston, TX

…we heard from Dan again after his consultation

Michelle, I definitely enjoyed and appreciated the consultation. As I noted, I may purchase another one if more questions come up.

— Dan P., Houston, TX

I have found that your books were invaluable and I would appreciate your help. Thanks a million

— Dawn, TX

So far, from what I've read, you have a very informative publication. I will be in touch as I move along closer to opening up.

— Len H., Scottsdale, AZ

I bought your book about 2 months ago and I just wanted to 1st say thank you for all the knowledge.

— Cynthia M., Sacramento, CA

Your efforts are still appreciated and I want to thank you for producing exactly what we were looking for! We will be in touch with you in a couple of weeks.

— Douglas S., Coquitlam, BC

I have skimmed over your course and feel it is genuinely good value for the money and would be worth ten times the price you currently charge.

— Oi C., Bradford, West Yorkshire (UK)

I opened up an Escort agency, Your book helped me a lot.

— Joan M, NY & LA

(Easy to read) Being I am a self taught business person, and continue to learn everyday some of the more complicated books I have read have left me more confused then when I opened to the forward The way you described the basic start up of how to get a business going was well done.

— Daniel S., Massapequa Park, NY

Thanks for the great service.

— Matt, Springfield, MO

I want to commend you for your professionalism in writing this guide. Thank you for your email. I just recently started in the business and purchased both your manuals and that from EscortCoach to help me along the way. I found your manuals to be worth their weight in gold compared to the other I purchased which was merely padded out with useless mumbojumbo.

I figured if i wanted a dedicated software package you were the best source, as your manuals speak volumes about both the quality of product and service you offer.

When you have your software ready for sale or need some beta testers, I'd be happy to hear from you.

All the best,

— Floyd M.

Hi Michelle, Thanks a lot. You are very knowledgable? I guess you are the author. The book is great.

— Bo L., Evanston, IL


I just finished reading Volume 1, I was amazed at the amount of information that was in it. Your book confirmed alot of things that I thought I had to do, but also gave me so many ideas to work with and information on things that I hadn't even considered with advertising and payments processing.

I know that I definitely need to get your other volumes and know that they will help me learn the best way to run a money making escort business. I would highly recommend your books to anyone wanting to get into this business.

Could you please send me the names of the merchant account company, check verifier and debit billing company.


— Shana, Riverview, FL

Michelle I wanted to let you know that the escort guide was so interesting and loved it so very much… I have been so busy and finally got through with the information (overload) so, I am purchasing this section now and will continue purchasing the rest and have reccomended my girls get the escort guide cause it is really helpful and the paperwork.

Taking it one day at a time and one chapter at a time cause i am so overwhelmed right now… But want the rest of this book and so I want more of your head!! I guess, if you will lol… .I am definetely learning… Thank you Michelle very much..So

— Katie, Bloomington, MN

You have been so nice and very helpful. I look forward to start reading your material. The faster I start reading-the faster I can get started- right? I'll let you know what I think, but I'm sure that if it's as well done as your introductory manual, I won't be disappointed. Thank you again (you must get a lot of thank you, or at east you should be). Have an excellent weekend.

Best Regards,

— John J., Epsom, NH

Your information is very informative and down to earth. Thank you so much for taking the time to write the book bundle, your way is so much easier.

— Syliva P., Warrenville, IL

Hi Michelle, I have received the information and it is just what I expected, very informative and helpful. Please let me know which volume has the Escort interviewing questions, as I have a few Escorts that need to be interviewed. Thanks,

— N. JF., Forestville, MD

Just wanted to drop you a line letting you know I read your introduction material and found it very informative.

— Frank N., Lawndale, CA

Hi Michelle, I hope you're doing well. I finished reading your manual, but haven't been able to contact you since hurricane Wilma left pretty much all of south Florida without power. Your manual is excellent! There's plenty of useful information, tips, and advice for anyone wishing to start an escort agency (Text deleted for confidential reasons) Once again Michelle, thank you for providing such valuable information and customer service at an affordable price, and without the hassle one so often sees these days. Take care,

— Gualberto F., Miami, FL.

Volume 1 was great! For sure I am going to get the other ones.

— Mikael, L., Blainville, PQ

Hi Michelle, How are you doing,this is sam we ordered full volume package around feb/06. We named the agency Direct2u we are now one of the busiest escort agencies in london. We would all like to thank you for your work with us and hope to prolong this outstanding partnership thanks.

Kind Regards Sam

— Sam, London, England

I was just reading the first volume last night. I was glued to the information. It's sooo good! It's like your in my living room breaking it down everything about the Escort Agency to me. I can't wait to finish reading the rest.

OK. Thanks Michelle. You are a life saver when it comes to informing people about the escorting business. You hold nothing back about it. thanks so much. I will get intouch with you after reading all materials. Thanks.

— Mary B., Brookline, MA

I just want to say that I am amazed by your care for your customers, I am satisfied with the readings on the introduction and I am ready to purchase the complete box set. I just got out of the army, I was stationed in Germany for 4 years and participated in OIF II. I am so happy to be home and even more excited to be starting my own business. You stand for everything i believe an escort agency should be, classy, sexy and yet professional. thank you.

— S.T., New York

Your book truly shows how much you care and want to make this industry a cleaner, and safer place for all parties involved.

Keep up the good work hun!

— Dennis D., Toronto, Ontario


Wait… more compliments! My partner read the the first manual in the and he was thrilled! He was like... is this chick for real? He said he hates reading and read the manual from front to back! I told him I told you so, she's ( meaning you) giving us basicaly blue prints to this business. Like he puts it, will be total retards if we can't make this work if we follow your strategies and instructions.

Anyhow, I better get back to business and start reading the rest myself lol. Take care, and once again Michelle, thanks a bunch!

— Dennis D., Toronto, Ontario


I'm 22 pages into your book and I love it! You don't beat around the bush, very upfront, and the style of “one to one” writing makes your book an easy and fun read. It's like having buddy sitting down with me and telling me the cold hard facts, the in's and outs of the business right here.

Can't wait to complete it all!!

— Dennis D., Toronto, Ontario

The different ideas you have for the ads were great. Also, the admin part was very informative.

— T. Pearson, San Gabriel, CA

Although I never got into the business, I did find your literature very informative. I'm even more impressed that your database is kept up the way it is. I thought then that I was dealing with a professional and am pleasantly impressed with your follow up.

Have you ever thought of opening a business consulting scenario where you go and actually set the business up for the person say for 3 weeks and charged a flat rate for that? If so, have you thought of what you would charge?

— Ryan, Miami, FL

Hi Michelle, I just wanted to let you know that I just read through the ebook, and I thought it was fantastic. It was very informative, and I cant wait to buy the rest of the volumes. I'm quite excited about starting my own business soon, and I'm sure I'll have some questions for you about merchant accounts and such. Anyways, thanks for such a great product. Have a great day.

— David

Hi Michelle,

I purchased your e-book of volume 1 about a week ago on starting an Escort Agency. It was very informative, and I felt that you did a good job in explaining everything. All of the basics were covered step by step, which makes me very confident that I can start my own agency in a couple of months. I do plan to order volumes 2- 5, but after the Holidays. Thank you very much. It was very enlightening.
Your customer,

— L.R., Hollywood, FL

Hi Michelle,

I am doing great thanks. How are you? Don't worry Michelle, you are a really great at customer service. You always respond within 24hours of every email I wrote to you, and I appreciate it. I wish you the very best as well for this up coming new year and I cant wait to get my business off to a great start. Don't forget about our consultation after I read all the manuals lol. Don't over stress yourself before New Years!!!

Let me know when you receive the payment.


— Nick V., Newington, CT

First of all it gave me the ideas for my application, code of conducts for all the employees. It cut down on a lot I would have to do in terms terms of what to include in those documents.

Next, it helped me figure out how my daily operations would run. I already had a plan outlined but reading your book, filled in the gaps. For example, how to design a schedule for my employees and when and how to pay them for credit card sales.

Let me know when you receive the payment.

It also helped me to learn about areas I would need to concentrate on that I hadn't previously considered. I initially didn't think I would need drivers but after reading your book I decided that I would.

Overall your book is like a creative writing workshop. A creative writing workshop gives the blueprint to someone creative to writing a great story. This book is blueprint for someone who is sharp, creative and has a knack for business to succeed in operating an escort service.

— Alex, Pompano Beach, Florida

Hello Michelle. Terrance, Windsor, ON, here. Kathryn and myself have been diligently engrossing ourselves in your incredible manuals. Truly outstanding work. Definitely professional.

We will be contacting you within the next four weeks for your expert consultation.

and, a few weeks later in response to some negative comments he's seen on the net about me...

Having been in the business before, I know for a fact, and you can quote me on this, "your material is unmatched in the escort industry. Thorough and definitely well-organized. Also, your customer service is unequaled. You definitely run a professional business."

— Terrance K., Windsor, Ontario (Canada)


The Intro Ebook was a great introduction to the business I enjoyed reading it. Who do you recommend for merchant accounts?

— Trung, N., Lynn, MA

So far I am very much enjoying the book and finding your tips very good. I am happy for my purchase, the book so far is worth it’s weight in gold. Now let’s hope I do well, so that I can get the book on how to run a service! Me and a friend are already looking into that as well. Good luck and keep up the great work!

— Christie R., Austin, TX

First let me say you are WONDERFUL with your service and the way you reply so promptly! You are great! back to business.....

I think I may need the research done for Houston as well as purchasing the whole set. I really want to make sure I have a thorough knowledge of my business because I truly want it to be successful. I have learned so much from you already, and I thank you.

— Janelle J., Sugarland, TX

Hi Michelle,

I have rec'd the books and I can't thank you enough. I didn't really finish reading them as I haven't printed them out yet. It's a bit difficult reading off the computer. The materials very informative and I'm just glad that there's someone like you who's willing to help. You did a Super Fantastic Job!!!


— Penny, Providence, RI

Hi Michelle,

The book is a huge help and I find myself referring to it every single time I'm not sure about something and I'd most likely be able to find the answer to my question.

It's awesome to know that you truly care! I hope to speak with you again one day soon.


— Penny & Sophal, Providence, RI

Hi there Michelle!

I just now see your emails!  I'm going to read them now!!  But I am loving the manual.  It is complete from A-Z and that is the exact reason why I spent more money over all of the other people selling for $50.  Their advertising focused on all of the money that I could make instead of the steps to sustain the business.  That's when I saw your ad! Clear and concise.  Exactly how I need it.

I've organized the manual in a way that helps me to absorb it quicker even though I've absorbed quite a bit already!!  I can't wait to be completely skilled.

Happy Halloween!

— Marsha, Los Angeles, CA

Hello Michelle ,

Volume 1 was amazing , I was very skeptical before ordering , but I decided too anyway. I am glad I did cause what you have in this volume alone is pure gold. The methods are flawless a lot of stuff I didn’t even consider its in here. Starting a agency is very profitable as you point out , and there is a lot of money to be made for even the average joe like myself. I do plan on opening my own website in december , and start my own agency. that was only volume 1 I can only imagine what you have in volumes 2-5. im very impressed and im glad I brought this product , its a lot of hard work and dedication , but I think it will be worth it in the end. Thanks for answering my emails , calling my for my download information , you have provided excellent assistance for me. I look forward maybe to talking to you soon in a month and hope for the best , thanks again and take care.


— Robert R., Matawan, NJ

Hello Michelle, Hope things are going great for you on this fine Friday. My replies are probably not to prompt as they were once before I seem to be so busy these days its hard to find the time to sit and get to typing. You asked how the business was going, well its has some reoccurring headaches e.g. hiring girls and weeding out the bad ones and all but its just the cost of doing business. It has been over a year since the start of the business and with the forms that you provided it was a good helping tool to have. However, its now Friday and must get the weekend in order. You have been the longest email in quite awhile so have a wonderful weekend and hope to hear from you soon…

— Anthony D., Riverside, CA

"Well the book did wonders explaining the in and out's of the escort business."

— Chili, Brookline, MA

When asked what benefits Exotic Publishing has given him, Brian responded...

"The confidence of entering a new business with no experience, Exotic Publishing brings me this confidence the more I read the more comfortable I feel and it almost feels through reputition of reading I know the industry. Also a better way to look at ideas."

— Brian K., Parker, Colorado

When asked what benefits Exotic Publishing gave to Michael he responded...

"Knowing what I learned from your emails and your five book lessons, I gained the knowledge to create a solid foundation in the escort business."

— Michael P., Sherman Oaks, CA

When Leo was asked what affects does Exotic Publishing's products and services have in your life and in your work he responded with...

"These products allow me to better understand the obvious and the not so obvious professional needs of every participant in the industry."

— Leo R., Chicago, Illinois

"I've been looking at this business/industry for over a year now and was unable to find any solid, credible, trustworthy information from ANY source... then, I happened upon Exotic Publishing and you, Michelle... it is refreshing to find a professional in this field who approaches the business like a BUSINESS and not like some back-alley, fly by
night, here today gone tomorrow 'hobby.'
Your information is spot on accurate and answers the critical questions about the legality of the industry, the real challenges that I'll face with this business, the proper set up, operation, and administration for success, and - most of all - you have been kind enough to return my phone calls, emails, and answer my questions candidly and openly...
which seems impossible and almost taboo, in this business.
Your in my book as a solid consultant, coach, advisor and certainly as a credible business and information provider of the highest caliber.
... and all of this before I even paid for any of your personal coaching services! Now THAT is commitment to your customers.
Thank you Michelle... I look forward to working with you and learning this great business with your guidance."

— Steve O., NC

Hi Michelle,

How are you? i have read your ebook. it is very good.

— A. P., Walton-On-Thames, Surrey

Hi Michelle,
How are you? I would like to set a time and date with you for my 30 minute agency name conference. Please let me know.
Take care,
P.S. I love your box set.


After I helped her with finding a domain she said:

I really like alot of the names you mentioned in this email. I will check the availability of them and let you know. I appreciate the assistance, thanks alot!


A few days later...

Hi Michelle,
I am still in the early stages of starting the business, haven't even finalised the name. The book was an excellent help, I have to print it out however I don't have a printer at home. Thanks for checking in on me, I will up date you once I get things going.
Take care,


— Sabrina, B., Warwick Parish, Bermuda

The book was awesome! It was very descriptive and very easy to follow.

— Andrea U., Baltimore, Maryland

I have been reading you material and i have been slowly trying to put things together. Everytine i have a question i just refer to the printed pages. They contain all the info that i wanted i had no idea that this would be so helpful. Then i got you just 1 click away to answer my questions its way more valuable than whatever i paid for it. Then you tell me to sign ever paper :) just like a teacher Thank u thank u thank u. I've just got 1 girl right now im slowing getting thing organized. How are things going with you?

Thanks alot,

and a couple of weeks later...

The business is going great just trying to expand while i have the funds to thanks to you my great teacher. I havent hired a driver but i read every bit of the driver info and thing have been great the sqd part is i am doing this part time. Wow inagine how i would be doing if i was full time THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU also whats that law page youve got? I have 5 girls i know and trust npo outsiders but ewhen i expand i am goiing to get that.

— Chonscy G., Capitol Heights, Maryland

When asked:

What benefits does Exotic Publishing bring to you?

Shouling said

"exclusive educational materials and insight no other company offers"


What affects do our products and services have in your life and in your work?

Shouling said:

"It is making my dreams a reality because through your books, I can figure out how my plan will come together."

— S. H., Atlanta, Georgia

PS - Your book on how to become an escort is awesome!  It made me feel so much more confident and comfortable!  There are so many thing that would be difficult to learn on your own in the business!  And the safety tips you provide are very much appreciated!
Could you possibly send me an email when your escort site designing service is up and running?
Thanks again,

— Cari G., Austin, Texas


I have read most of the manual.  It is very informative and helpful and I'm learning a lot, especially to be an independent.

— Barb O., Cincinnati, OH

Hello Michelle, I am doing well. Sorry I have not been able to get back to you sooner I have been real busy. I went through the book once and it was very helpful. I plan on going through it again and currently I am taking all the information i and getting all my questions together for you.

— Walter B., Poway, CA

"Exotic Publishing brings factual and actual information on everything subject possible. My biggest ones I like is how to manage money and clients."

When asked if there was anything Exotic Publishing hasn't helped her with, she replied:

"No, so far I have read alot of useful information and I was totally suprised that Michelle took out so much time to be very detailed about every aspect of the Escorting business."

— Terra S., Atlanta, Georgia

"Yes michelle I'm reading volume 1 now. Its amazing the information I never thought of."

then in his next e-mail:

"I've read and loved the first volume of your book."

— David S., Highlands Ranch, Colorado
Hi Michelle,

How are things? I've just spent all weekend reading your manual on how
to set up an escort agency and I'd like to congratulate you on an
excellent piece of work.

You have answered all the questions I had, and have provided me with all
the information I need to get up and running.

Yours sincerely,

— Travers M., Leicester, United Kingdom

Hello Michelle,


I just finished reading volume 1 of the box set and wanted to take the time to thank you for writing this. I have learned so much already and Í can't wait to continue reading. You made it incredibly easy and I have no idea how you wrote all of it, but thank you!

— Tamara Q., Hamilton, Ontario

Hello Michelle,

I have read the vol 1 manual and it was worth every penny. Just a question, not sure if you will answer but here it goes:

I can't afford the whole set of volumes 1-5 yet. I want to purchase a volume every one to two weeks. What would be the next purchase you suggest for me?

— Ash M., Hampton, Virginia



sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you with feedback on the volume 1 e book i purchased.  with the holidays upon us, it has been crazy.  anyway, after i was able to correct the problems encountered by my xp professional, i finally downloaded, printed and read the book.  i found it very informative, and was pleased to see that many of the things my partner and i plan on implementing were noted in you book.  i will most definitely be purchasing the mentorship package and your coaching sometime after the holidays.

— Joanne, R., Miami, FL

Fantastic!!! Volume 1 & 2 are great..can not wait to get the rest of the volumes. Thanks Michelle for all the great and needed information. Dehaven

— Dehaven L., Moreno Valley, California


Hi, how are you?  I finished reading and am in the process of re-reading the Mentorhsip Package I purchased.  It was definitely worth the money.  There were so many ideas/items which i hadn't thought of, it was extremely helpful.  Thank you so much!.  Anyone who has given you a negative review on you or your services is insane....

Once i finish re-reading, what do I need to do to set up our one on one, either via phone or e-mail and which do you recommend/ 


and she followed up a day or two later with...

"I think what it comes down to are those types are not only liars, but are jealous of anyone who has something they do not have, and are probably unhappy with their own life/situation."

— Joanne R., Miami, Florida
Just wanted to let you know that I've been finding you book extremely useful.

I would like to do the phone thing soon. Please let me know when you are available so we can schedule it. thank you

— Joseph B., Brooklyn, New York

I found the book very educational. It opened my mind to things I didnt think of. I've gotten through setting up the paperwork. This week I hope to get the legal documents and banking information taken care of.

— Christophe F., Miami, Florida

Thanks Michelle,

You've been a great help and I'm very impressed with your services thus far.

I'm about to order another volume from the book now!

Our agency website is almost done, we should be ready to open our doors by end of this month ! Yay!

— Chris B., Pompano Beach, Florida

Thanks Michelle!

I have a few names picked, still working as an independent provider trying to get money saved to do things right. You are a the best I love your info  want to order next volume soon!


— Verronica G., Mesa, Arizona

This note is in regard to our recent purchase of the Ebook from Exotic Publishing titled "How to Start an Escort Business."  I have to begin by saying how impressed we are with the energy and dedication the author, Michelle Korn obviously has and how devoted she is to not only promoting her vision of the "right" way, method and philosophy when starting an escort business, but alo her semming dedication to running her business in a professional manner.

The book has been of great influence on our practices and overall view of operating our new venture, and has educated us on a myriad of issues previously unknown or not even thought about.  It has enlightened us in regards to many situations and issues prevalent in running this type of business and has led us to create our own manual using Michelle's extensive knowledge expertise as a guide.

While it cannot take the place of common sense, practical experience, and entrepreneurial spirit and drive, it certainly fits the description as a "must have reference" when opening and thus operating an escort agency.  We have placed it up with our own business plan, mission statement, as well as our own forthcoming operations manual in importance to our library.  We are very appreciative of Michelle's offerings.

I'd also like to comment on an issue that surrounds not only Michelle Korn, but all adult businesses on-line.  Whereas in my experience the perception of this industry as one full of scammers has some validity to it, dealing with Michelle has been one of hassle free exchanges.  From the initial purchase and "blind faith" that we had to go on that her offer was genuine and that the offering was useful, to the follow-up and ongoing correspondence between us, we have had no issues or regret.  Michelle's operation is one of reliability and customer service, which happen to be exactly what she advertises and promotes in all of her literature out there.

Just wanted to add that little tid-bit.

Thanks Michelle,

Lewis and Alice in Detroit

— Lewis & Alice, Detroit, Michigan

I've been running a sort of mobile operation without an office.

The book is helpful nonetheless as it helps deal with a lot of

initial teething problems.

We are going legit in Sept 2009 with an actual registered company

and registered office.


— Gary O., Singapore

"Wow Michelle, you weren't kidding when you said there is no skimming through.  I only read the first volume and the rest of section titles so far, but from what I can tell, you have undeniably surpassed the price of your product with the ammount of value you have provided me with.  Thank you very much."

— Shana D., Toronto, Ontario

Thanks Michelle,I've been a customer of yours for about 1 1/2 years now and I want to let you know that I really appreciate and admire the integrity that you possess on a personal as well as a business level .Continue doing what you do. 

Your loyal friend and customer


- - - - and a few weeks later - - - -

I purchased the Platinum Mentorship package,and what can I say Michelle,IT COVERS EVERYTHING!! From licencing,banking procedures,merchant accounts,the phone systems,hiring escorts,drivers,phone people and some much more,It has really taken the guess workout of running an agency.The platinum set is a indispensable part of running my agency, I refer to it often,Not to mention the personal follow up and customer service I receive from you directly when I have a question or concern.How many owners of internet or store front business are doing that today?
Keep doing what you do
Your loyal customer and friend
     Charles-Long Beach,Ca

— Charles W., Long Beach, CA

Hi Michelle,

Terry here. Just wanted to thank you for your wonderful material. My businesses have done well over this past year. What I have done is implemented my own business strategy to compensate for the recession. While I view Windsor, Ontario as a nice place to live, I opted to do business in the Detroit area. One city opts to do business only with an eye on price, while my businesses have always had an eye on quality. You get what you pay for. Of course, you understand this because this was why we bought your best material. This is why my ladies in the Detroit area earn no less than $(removed for business reasons) an hour for themselves, not including my percentage. As such, it also reflects on the quality of customer that we attract.

My only concern has been that when we had our computer repaired recently, I had forgotten the pass codes to open up the volumes themselves. One of the keys to success with your materials has been to constantly go back over the materials to refresh the mind as well as to be open to other ideas that one might have missed. Your material can not be learned in a few sittings, it is more effective if one refreshes the mind by going back over the material periodically.

You are an inspiration to the industry. Although today I have the pleasure of knowing other escort agency owners in the Chicago area, my business began with you. And for that I am forever indebted. Thank you for taking the time to put together the material for the beginner. It works.

(content removed for security reason) It was, beyond a doubt, the best present a man could have hoped for. Oh, and how about Michelle's update on what further information she is putting together to keep the industry progressive and honest.

All the best my dear,

Terry K.

— Terry K., Detroit, MI

Hey Michelle!

Anna here again. I absolutely LOVE the kit. I have not yet finished reading it and already you have covered so much!!

I am absorbing it all and writing down questions so as to make the most of the consulting time in the future.

Also, I am so eager to continue the journey and start up my own project here in Canada- that I sent over the second payment so I can print out the next set of material.

Hopefully I don't run out of ink tonight!! lol

Thanks again for everything, look forward to absorbing more: )

--- and again a few months later ---

Hey Michelle,
Anyways, I am going to read the manual over the weekend and make sure to have a chance to get most of my questions addressed.
By the way, I have read it completely and I am very impressed. This really is a turn key kit! : ) I am so fortunate to have found a resource that really lays everything out.
(edited for privacy reasons)

Thank You

Anna: )


— Anna M., Nepean, Ontario

Hey Michelle,

Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. I had time to read everything in the platinum mentorship package the same night that I ordered it. I have to admit that I was a tad skeptical about ordering the kit at first. It was sending you a copy of my ID that made me hesitant but the hesitation didn't last long. Your swift replies to my e-mails and your willingness to work with me on my worries helped alleviate my concerns. It really shows that you take customer service very seriously. Was the kit what I expected? Absolutely not. Why? Because there was tons of forms and clever tips that I would never have even thought of on my own! Your kit really serves as a solid blueprint and the price really is a bargain. Even if I only use half of the forms included- Im still coming out on top!

I look forward to contacting you in the future with questions.

Thanks and Take Care,


— Charles N., Brantford, Ontario

Hi Michelle,

I purchased your escort manual almost a year ago and have found it very informative and very detailed. I commend you on the work you put into it. It's awesome.

— Clinton F., Sydney NSW, Australia

Hi Michelle,

I really liked the book, it was very informative and detailed couldn't have been put together better.



Hi Michelle hope all is well with you, yes the business kit was a huge
help. Right now I'm waiting to receive the Licensing and Law 101 package
print out for florida. I will be needing a lawyer on retainer and an
accountant, can you point me in the right direction for this?


— Javier E., Orange Park, Florida

After reading volume one, I was able to see there are more things to keep this type of business running smoothly than I thought. I enjoyed reading it and can't wait to read the other volumes.

Thanks for the informative e-book,

Shanelle — Shanelle P., Long Island City, New York

Hi Michelle

Im reading and engraving what im reading and it was well worth it. Excuse my french but screw those that said it wasnt worth it. I will start to incorperate next week once im done reading at least two more times. Im enjoying and learning, I will be calling you soon for that 30 minutes real soon

— Juan M., El Paso, Texas

When Simone took one of my surveys, she said... 

2. What benefits does Exotic Publishing bring to you?

"A vast knowledge of the in's and outs of the escort industry and all the information you would require to succeed."

3. What affects do our products and services have in your life and in your work? 

"They make me more confident because they educate me."

4. In your opinion, what business is Exotic Publishing in?


— Simone C., Hamilton, Ontario

Hi Michelle,

How are you? Hope you are well.

Thank you for the ebook. I have been busily reading all the information you sent and it has already been a great help.

....content edited for privacy reasons...

It was actually really good to know we are on the right track because we registered our business name a few days before getting your PMP kit and we found the name we used in your suggested names. That made us very happy to know we are doing it right.

Hopefully we discover more thing we are doing right....

Hope to hear from you soon




-- and --

Hi Michelle,

Hope you are well. We are really enjoying the PMP and getting a lot of valuable information out of it. So thank you. We are very busy trying to get everything setup for the escorts agency but unfortunately we have hit a bit of major hurdle.

We have applied for a couple of merchant facilities with no luck. We have been rejected a couple of times and not quite sure how we can get around this problem. We are hoping you can help us with a contact in Australia. We are obviously unable to launch our business without being able to offer our customers with the flexibility to pay by credit card so you can imagine our dilemma.

Your help will be greatly appreciated


Scott and Sally

— Scott M., Wentworth Point, NSW Australia

Thank you I've received my package and thank u I can already tell I'ma get my money's worth , u don't know how much money I have wasted on workshops that was a complete waste , so really thanks and will email if I have any questions

— Norris M., Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

I just received my business kit yesterday 02/24/12 and currently studying it and I'm very impressed with the material so far

— Allen W., Baltimore, Maryland

Michele took time out of her busy schedules to help settle an issue I had with the financial institution. It was very appreciated and speaks volumes on her integrity, character and business savvy...thanks!

— Carlos C., Fayetteville, Georgia

When I started out wanting to know more about owning an agency I came across Exotic Publishing. I read the entire site and got excited about it and felt that it was going to be a good investment. Michelle was very nice to me and I was impressed at her professionalism on our first phone call. Not too long after I was screened I received access to the information I was ready to start.

    Two weeks later I found myself having a professional atmosphere, good clientele, and the cash was rolling in. The Exotic Publishing provided me with the essential “do’s” and “don’ts” which made starting up a breeze.  I’ve meet good people along the way and I’d suggest to anyone starting an agency not to do so without this information first! Taking this step was the best decision I’ve made thus far and I am enjoy all the rewards of a good foundation.

— Michael I., Jacksonville, Florida

"Thanks Michelle, I couldn't have gotten started without you! Being completely new to this industry and honestly, very unsure about the new adventure, you made me realize it is a business and it's still all about professionalism. Your personal guidance is essential and the industry information you provide is all encompassing. I'm just getting started but I'm excited to see my agency come to fruition and look forward to a long and successful relationship with Exotic Publishing." (Signed) Cal"

— Cheryl L.

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